Books by Marty Hall

Marty's popular and practical guides. Published by Prentice Hall and Sun Microsystems Press.

Core Servlets & JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition Vol 1

Thorough guide to Web application development with JSP 2.0 and servlets 2.4. Detailed treatment of form processing, HTTP, cookies, session tracking, JDBC, beans, MVC, the JSP 2.0 expression language, and much more. Available versions include Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified Script (Mainland China), Chinese Traditional Script (Taiwan), Czech, Greek, English (North/South America, Europe), English (reprinted in India), French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

Core Servlets & JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition Vol 2

Advanced features in Java-based Web application development: declarative and programmatic security, filters, JSP custom tag libraries, JSTL, Struts, and much more!

More Servlets & JavaServer Pages

Guide to advanced JSP and servlet capabilities. Declarative and programmatic Web application security, filters, listeners, web.xml customizations, advanced custom tags, JSTL, and much more.

Core Web Programming, 2nd Edition

Thorough introduction to the Java programming language. Syntax, object-oriented programming, GUIs, applets, Swing, Java 2D, RMI, JDBC, multithreaded programming, XML parsing, and more. Even a fast introduction to HTML 4, JSP, and servlets.

Core Servlets & JavaServer Pages, 1st Edition

This book is now superseded by the second edition, but there are several parts that might still be of interest.